4 myths of getting divorced under 30

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2020 | Divorce

Divorce can happen to anyone who finds that they have not found their forever person. When a young couple goes through a divorce, there is a lot of scrutiny. The couple can feel embarrassed or that they will be judged for their choices.

In recent studies by the University of Maryland, it’s been proven that today’s marriages are more likely to last. With this said, divorce is not out of the question for young couples. Divorce can lead young couples to feel like they are isolated because of the decreasing divorce rates. With their friends getting married when they’re getting divorced and the scrutiny from other older generations, getting divorced early in your life can leave people making assumptions about you and your relationship.

Myths of a young couple’s divorce

  • It’s easier to handle: Many people think a younger couple’s divorce is easier to handle because of their lack of commitments in their lives. Young couples rarely have children or a house which leads people to believe that the divorce will be painless. However, a couple builds a life together regardless of their age. No matter what, the pain from a divorce resonates with couples of any age. It’s difficult to face that you’re not good together.
  • They weren’t mature enough: With a young age comes the assumption you’re immature. It can be seen as immature to get married young, as if you’re jumping into a marriage you’re not prepared for. But not all things work out. Divorce can happen to anyone at any age. If you get divorced in your 20s, it doesn’t come from a place of immaturity but a place of unhappiness. Although it’s a risk to get married, when you know it won’t work, the best thing to do is get out of the relationship.
  • They are giving up prematurely: There may be some people saying that you didn’t give the relationship a fair shot, or you didn’t give the marriage the time necessary. Because you didn’t spend decades with one another, doesn’t mean you ended your relationship early. Most millennials have grown up with or around divorced parents. It becomes easy to spot that the relationship isn’t working. This is an advantage that millennials have in relationships. They can see harmful signs early on and know it won’t work for them in the long run.
  • It’s easy to move on: It’s an assumption that because you’re in your 20s and 30s, it will be easier to move on after a divorce. It’ll be easier to put yourself back on the “market” because you’re so young. Most don’t understand that a divorce is still a divorce. You had dreams and goals with the person you married and those don’t disappear overnight. It can feel uncomfortable to jump back into the activities that friends your age are taking part in. Dating again will take time. You need time to heal after your divorce.

Divorce isn’t easy for anyone at any age. If you get divorced at a young age, friends and family should know that you didn’t take your marriage lightly. Generation X and millennials grew up around divorced parents and know marriage isn’t something you jump into. The scrutiny that follows a young couple’s divorce is, mostly, because of the assumptions people make. By opening their eyes to these myths they’ve created, you can show them you made the right decision for your life.