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Estate Administration Lawyer

Have you lost a loved one and been placed in charge of the estate? There is no need to handle this alone during your time of mourning. At the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Evans in Waynesboro, we can guide you through the probate and estate administration process with care, efficiency and a commitment to seeing that your loved one’s final wishes are followed.

How Probate Works In Pennsylvania

There are many misconceptions about how probate works in Pennsylvania. It is important to understand that not all property needs to go through the probate process. Depending on how it is owned, the family home or a joint bank account may not need to go through probate. Additionally, small estates can go through a simplified probate process. When you choose our law firm, you will work personally with an estate administration attorney who will determine what the probate process will look like in your case and then guide you forward with care.

If the estate does need to go through a full probate, we will make certain to review the deceased’s will and estate plans, if they were created. We want to see that your loved one’s final wishes are followed and that all assets get into the hands of the proper beneficiaries as quickly as possible. We will inventory the estate’s assets, review and address outstanding debts, and oversee the distribution of assets.

As we move forward through the probate process, our goal is to keep the stress off your shoulders. Count on us to do the hard work, keeping you updated as the matter progresses. You will remain involved and informed, but you will be free to focus on spending time with your family.

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