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Child Support Attorney

Under Pennsylvania family law, there are guidelines that dictate the calculation of child support. These guidelines are often a point of confusion. Some people will look at the amount someone else is paying and think that something is wrong because they are paying a different amount. However, the guidelines take many factors into account in order to create child support payments that are fair for you and your child. Everyone’s payment is different.

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Evans in Waynesboro, we will help you understand all of the factors that are considered when calculating child support, including each parent’s income and child custody and visitation arrangements. We will make certain nothing is overlooked so that child support payments make sense.

Whether you are going through a divorce or involved in a paternity action, we will address the issue of child support with care. You will benefit from the personal attention of an experienced child support lawyer.

Income And Child Support

People often worry that the other parent is going to find some way to avoid paying child support. We have seen our opponents attempt to use many techniques to minimize or avoid these important payments, including failing to report business income or quitting a job or cutting hours to make it look like they have less income. We know how to overcome these attempts. Child support is based not only on income, but on earning potential. Furthermore, there are child support enforcement methods to make sure payments keep coming.

No matter how challenging or straightforward your child support case may seem, you can benefit from the careful representation of a skilled attorney.

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