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When people think of estate planning, the first thing that typically comes to our mind is wills. The will definitely forms the foundation of most estate plans, and for some people is all the estate planning that is necessary. Simply put, a will dictates how your assets will be passed on.

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Evans in Waynesboro, we recognize that every individual and family is different. When you choose us to help with planning your estate, we will thoroughly review what makes your situation unique. If you are best served by a will alone, we will craft the strongest possible will to protect your interests. If we believe that you can benefit from other estate planning tools, we will educate you about these options.

Crafting Strong Wills

The strength of a will comes from writing. A wills lawyer must be able to write clearly. There must be no possibility that anything mentioned in the document could be misunderstood. Furthermore, everything must be taken into consideration and nothing can be omitted. Omissions or unclear language can lead to will contests and lengthy estate disputes.

At our law firm, we have earned a reputation for crafting clear and concise wills that are handmade for each individual client.

Beyond Wills

Wills are designed to protect your assets after you die. We typically encourage people to consider what will happen to their assets, their loved ones and themselves in the event of incapacity but not death. We will educate you about cost-effective additions like powers of attorney and advance health care directives, also known as living wills, that will ensure that your family is not left to struggle if you face an incapacitating medical issue.

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