Avoid child custody problems from the start

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2022 | Family Law

Most Pennsylvania parents understand how challenging it can be when they disagree about child-related issues in marriage. Such issues can place a strain on your marital relationship and, in fact, have often led to divorce. If you file for divorce, you might be worried about child custody issues and may be wondering what to do to help avoid legal problems.  

A key to avoiding child custody problems is to draft a solid co-parenting agreement. There are several important issues to keep in mind to help create clear terms of agreement and to avoid disputes down the line. It is also wise to have a support network in place, in case a specific problem arises that you’re unable to resolve outside the courtroom.  

Make the child custody agreement as detailed as possible 

Writing out the terms of agreement for a child custody plan in a divorce can (and should) include much more than the basics, such as where children will live and whether you and your ex will share legal and physical custody. The more detailed a written agreement is, the less room there is for confusion or dispute. 

Issues, such as who is allowed to drive children places or how financial provisions for extracurricular activities will be covered, may be incorporated into a co-parenting agreement. If you believe there is a particular issue that has potential to cause problems later on, it is a good idea to work out terms of agreement for it in writing.  

Agree to cooperate and discuss parenting issues in a peaceful manner 

It is common for co-parents to disagree about child custody issues leading up to and after a divorce. You might be able to avoid legal problems if you and your co-parent agree to try your best to avoid confrontation and to resolve disagreements in a peaceful manner. That is not always possible, however, which is why it is a good idea to have a support network in place, in case a particular issue sparks a legal problem.  

Keeping your children’s best interests in mind is a priority 

Like all good parents in Waynesboro, you want what’s best for your kids, especially as you learn to move on in life after divorce. Divorce changes lives but it doesn’t necessarily have to ruin them, especially where your children are concerned. If you and your ex make their best interests the central focus of all child custody decisions, there’s a good chance you can develop a peaceful co-parenting relationship.