How to have a good divorce when you have children

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2022 | Divorce

Although the divorce rate tends to be lower in Pennsylvania, it doesn’t mean the experience for couples in the state is any easier. While divorce is difficult, it can mean a new beginning for you and your family. Moreover, if you and your spouse can figure out how to have a friendly divorce, the result can be that much better for you and your children.

Make the decision to have a good divorce

If your goal in every interaction with your future ex-spouse is to have a good divorce, then you will be less likely to engage in negative behavior. So often, divorcing couples are more concerned with proving themselves right in a situation or making the other person feel guilty that they forget their true intention. If you keep your children and future front of mind and decide you only want to engage in productive conversations, the outcome of your divorce has a much better chance of being a good one.

Keep the feeling of family

Your interactions with your ex don’t stop when the divorce is final if you have children. In order to keep experiences good for the kids, try to always think of your ex as a continued part of your family. Try to treat them with love and respect and include them in family events when possible.

Stay away from court

When you enter the court system, you lose a great deal of control over what happens with your children, your finances and your future. These important details could now be decided by a judge.

Trying to make decisions regarding child custody and finances should be made outside the court whenever possible. Compromise with your spouse when you can and do everything possible to be fair to one another. Also, try hard to keep feelings of anger under control and remember your goal of a good divorce.

Being kind and compassionate to someone who has wronged you is never easy. However, rising above these feelings with your ex and putting your family first can be a key element in finding your way through divorce.