Loss after a divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2023 | Divorce

People end their marriages for many reasons, and some may have to do do for their physical and mental well-being. Other unions may end because of irreconcilable differences, but that does not mean the spouses don’t feel any lingering stress. Life after receiving a final divorce decree in a Pennsylvania courtroom might leave some people feeling despondent and lost.

Feelings of loss

People may experience a sense of loss after a divorce that is similar to feelings of grief after a loved one passes away. Divorce reflects the end of a relationship and all the once-perceived joy expected from a lifetime of marriage. When the marriage fails, a spouse could suffer a feeling of loneliness that the relationship ended. Such feelings may manifest even when the marriage was a volatile one.

Guilt could affect someone after they divorce. The fault does not always lie with the other spouse, and those whose behavior harmed a marriage might feel regret. That’s not to say a spouse who did nothing wrong won’t suffer similar feelings, though.

Divorce also represents a change in someone’s life. A person who spent years in a marriage may feel nervous about becoming single again. Depression and anxiety could weigh on the mind when fretting over the future.

Addressing concerns

Those dealing with depression and post-marriage grief could explore ways to alleviate their feelings. Sometimes, taking part in a new hobby or other activity might help someone discover a way to relax and feel less stressed. Sometimes, creative and athletic pursuits have a way of building confidence and self-esteem.