Major factors contributing to divorce

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Divorce is common in Pennsylvania and across the United States regardless of a couple’s age, how long they have been married and their financial situation. However, the reasons for divorce vary. People might have preconceived notions as to why marriages end, but the statistics can contradict those beliefs. Being aware of why divorces occur can be helpful with a case.

Why are people getting divorced?

Statistics from 2021 show that nearly 700,000 people got divorced. This comes to approximately 50% of the number of people who got married. Although many are of the no-fault variety where they simply want to end the marriage, it can be beneficial to understand why they are getting divorced.

The top three reasons listed are:

  • Career related
  • Disagreements about parenting
  • How household responsibilities are divided

Relationships between family and friends, finances and health concerns were also mentioned.

A breakdown of the statistics

46% discussed career choices. Next was parenting at 43%. 63% stated that they had a lack of understanding as to the level of commitment needed before they were married.

Women sought fairness in how the couple shared necessary activities, such as cleaning. The absence of a fair split in how housework, cooking and other daily needs were handled was a frequently discussed obstacle between marriage mates.

Divorce can be complicated and its catalyst relevant as part of the case. Whether the people are younger and are recently married or are older and are in the middle of a gray divorce, it is imperative to consider the options concerning how to proceed. Property division, child custody, alimony and other factors can hinge on the circumstances of those involved.

Being prepared is a key part of a divorce case

It is easy to feel confused and overwhelmed when thinking about a major life decision, like getting divorced. While statistics may not seem to matter for one’s personal situation, it is wise to know the details as to why divorces are happening to be informed and make necessary preparations that ensure future success.