When can a child custody order be modified?

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2023 | Family Law

There are very specific reasons why the court in Pennsylvania might modify a child support order. Court decisions related to children are focused on their best interests, so whether a court agrees or not to modify will be based on these interests.

Seeking a modification

Parents might communicate about a needed custody order change and then seek the court’s approval for the modification if they both agree, and the child’s best interests are respected. However, a parent who has realistic concerns about the child’s safety or an appropriate need to seek a change can also reach out to the court to request it.

The child’s safety is always a priority

One of the reasons a custody order might be modified is if the child’s safety is in question. To determine if a change is needed, the court will investigate any domestic violence in the home, the child’s own feelings about being in the home and the risk of danger to the child. Keeping the child emotionally and physically safe will guide the court’s decision.

A major life change can lead to a modification

Life events can also result in needed changes in child custody order. The court will also investigate if these events really do require that the order be changed and how they will affect the child in question. Some of the reasons why parents might seek a modification include:

  • A necessary move to a new location due to acceptable reasons
  • The death of a custodial parent
  • A parent ignoring the original custody and visitation schedule

While it is not easy to change a custody order, courts do understand that there are factors that might require a modification. If you need to seek one, it might also be beneficial to propose an alternative parenting time schedule.