Modifying a child support order

On Behalf of | May 13, 2022 | Divorce

Parents may wish to provide for their children, but several factors could undermine their plans after they divorce. Someone who suffers from financial troubles could become unable to deliver timely child support payments, creating potential legal problems. A Pennsylvania divorce decree might mandate a specific amount of funds per month, a figure that may become too much for the parent to handle. Those struggling with child support payments might need to request a formal modification.

Changing the terms of child support

Anyone dealing with financial woes may outright lack the funds to pay monthly child support obligations. Parents must cover their bills, including medical, food, rent, and other necessities. When someone suffers from health issues or finds themselves out of work, making child support and other payments might become challenging. However, failing to pay child support could bring more significant consequences than not making a car payment. Tax refunds and wages might face liens, and a delinquent ex-spouse could end up arrested.

Those who can’t meet their support payments may explore child support modification options. The process involves heading to family court and filing an official request. The court will likely expect compelling evidence of financial woes to approve the action.

Providing evidence to the court

After filing an official motion, the parent will provide the court with compelling evidence that paints a troubling financial picture. Showing the court receipts for monthly bills and proof of expenses and employment losses may help the cause. However, expect the court to review any child support modification request closely.

If a parent has the option to work overtime or has too many expenses related to nonessential activities, the court may deny the motion. When the parent proves severe hardships, the court might approve the action.